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Eyeglass Frame Buying Guide

How do I pick the best frames for my lenses?

Let the fun begin! Once you've selected the best lens material and coatings for your eyewear needs, you can decide which frames best support the lenses and help create the look you want. From shapes to colors to materials used, Sam's Club has a large selection of frames to suit every need.

Today's thin and light lenses call for thin and lightweight frames to maximize the benefits. Sam's Club Optical associates will help you select frames that are right for your lenses, fit your lifestyle, and look great on you.

Thin and lightweight frame materials include:

  • Titanium - used in rocket boosters and submarine hulls; extremely lightweight, non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and strong
  • TMemory metal - a premium alloy that "remembers" the frame's ideal alignment; flexible and lightweight
  • TStainless steel - creates thin and light profiles; ultra-hypoallergenic
  • TZyl - a composite plastic infused with color; lightweight and durable

What special frame features should I look for?

  • Spring hinges - hold frames in alignment so they keep their like-new fit longer
  • Silicone nose pads - provide a no-slip grip, so glasses don't slide down your nose
  • Magnetic sun clips - create sunwear in a snap; prevent UV damage
  • FlexPads® Nose Pads - cushion the nose to prevent irritating red marks

How can I select the best frames for my face?

Keep in mind three basic rules of thumb:

  • Frames should be in proportion to your face size (a petite woman with delicate features will want a smaller, lighter frame).
  • Rounder faces look best in frames with some angles.
  • Angular faces look best in frames with some curves.

Here are five basic face types, with suggestions for the best frame shapes for each:

  • Round - Full cheeks and lots of curves; looks great in a frame with a little geometric interest — modified rectangles, gently angled teacup shapes, some cat eyes or soft squares.
  • Square - Angled, perhaps with chiseled features, defined cheekbones or strong jaw; looks best in a frame with gently rounded looks — ovals, almonds, curved cat eyes or aviators.
  • Oval - Well-balanced from top to bottom; can carry any look. Feel free to try the new and trendy. Just keep the frames in proportion to your face size.
  • Base Down Triangle - Wide at the bottom (jaw area and cheeks) and narrow at the top (forehead); try frames with strong horizontal lines, or details and accents that draw attention to the top half of the frame and face.
  • Base Up Triangle/Heart - Wide cheeks and a narrow chin; try frames that are wider at the bottom or rimless styles in very light colors or materials.

What's the best color for my skin tone?

The best frame color depends on the look you're interested in creating:

  • The "Look, ma! No glasses!" look — try rimless or partially rimless glasses in colors to blend with your skin tone (light frames for fair skin, darker frames for darker tones).
  • The "Please notice my eyes" look — try rimless, partially rimless or full front (fully rimmed) glasses, and match the frame color fairly closely to your skin tone.
  • The "Hey, I'm wearing GLASSES!" look — for this bold look, go for contrast, with dark frames for fair skin and bright or light frames for darker tones.

Be sure to try several colors in the shade range to find the best one for you. For example, if you're considering dark frames, try the same frame in dark blue, dark green, dark purple and black (or any other available dark color) to see if one of those is better than the others for your skin tone.

Remember, your Sam's Club Optical associate can help you discover the shapes, styles and colors that work for you!

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