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Facts about Incontinence

It is estimated that incontinence impacts up to 25 million people. Some individuals modify their lifestyle instead of finding treatment options, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are treatment options* to manage incontinence that will allow you to live an active and normal life.

Facts about bladder leakage

Bladder Leakage, also known as Incontinence, is not uncommon. It can affect the young and old, male and female. With proper education and treatment, incontinence should not interfere with enjoying an active and full lifestyle.

  • Over 80% of those who are incontinent are Women.
  • 15% of Men over the age of 65 experience bladder leakage.

Common causes of bladder leakage

Incontinence is not a disease or a normal part of aging. It is a symptom that can have many causes. The first step is to be able to understand these causes and work with your healthcare provider to determine the best way to treat and manage it. Some of the most common causes are obesity, pregnancy and childbirth, excessive high impact activities (such as jogging or aerobics), certain food and beverages, and medication side effects.

Not all incontinence is the same

There are six different types of Incontinence.

  • Stress Incontinence is classified as an involuntary loss of a few drops of urine. It is the most common in Women and usually occurs with a laugh, cough, sneeze or exertion.
  • Urge Incontinence is a frequent, strong and sudden urge to go, but you cannot always make it to the bathroom on time.
  • With Reflex Incontinence you cannot tell that you need to go, so urine is lost with no warning.
  • Overflow Incontinence is leakage when the bladder reaches a level of fullness. It is often accompanied by dribbling. The frequency and urgency of urination may also increase.
  • Those with Functional Incontinence have an immobility or cognitive impairment that hinders the ability to get to a toilet. You may be a fall risk or the bathroom may be inaccessible.
  • Lastly, the symptoms of Mixed Incontinence can include a combination of the other types of incontinence.

Managing incontinence

It is important to talk to your physician about managing incontinence to determine the best plan for your needs. Some of the options you will most likely discuss include behavioral therapy, diet modification, medication, surgery or incontinence products.

Using incontinence products

Simply Right™ Products are designed to address the different needs of those with Stress, Urge, Reflex, Overflow, Functional, & Mixed Incontinence. They can be used alone or with any of the other treatment options discussed with your physician. In order to pick the best product for you, please refer to the Product Selection Guides below.

What type of product is best for you?

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