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Great workout for busy moms

Moms on the Move

By: Pamela Parker Lindsey

You know exercise is important, and you know you feel better when you do it, but most days, you’re lucky to grab a shower. It’s time to get creative with burning calories—and get your family moving as well.

On your mark, get set, go

Run, run, run. Run up and down the stairs instead of walking. Run from room to room as you do chores. Run to tell the kids to turn off the TV. An added bonus: You’ll get more done in less time.

Go for a stroll

If you have a little one that’s stroller-age, take them for a brisk walk or run around the neighborhood. You’ll burn extra calories by pushing the stroller. If you have older kids at home as well, let them hop on their bike or scooter and come along for the ride.

Tag, you’re it

A good old-fashioned game of tag gets everyone moving. In the backyard, in the house—doesn’t matter. Just tag a kid, take off, and let the tagging begin. Not only will you all get your exercise, you’ll have fun together as a family.

Walk it out

Go for a short family walk after dinner. Instead of sending Fido to the backyard to do his business, take him for a walk in the real world. And, if your kids’ school is within walking distance, and the weather cooperates, save yourself the hassle of the carpool line and walk them to and from school each day.

Dance, dance, dance

Another way to incorporate the kids is to have spontaneous dance parties. You can schedule it as an after-school activity or a family after-dinner dance, for example, or add to the fun with spontaneous dance parties.

Shower power

It might sound a little crazy, but should you actually have time for a shower, make it count. Hone your dance party skills by getting your groove on while you shampoo; do a few squats while the conditioner sets in; do some calf raises while you rinse off.

Make a move

When climbing stairs, skip a stair between each step for an easy hamstring and glutes workout. For more leg strengthening moves, alternate running from room to room with lunging from room to room. Even better—carry laundry or toys with you as you lunge for added resistance.

Buddy up

Everything’s easier when we’re in it together. Find a friend to go walking with during the day and schedule play dates that let both the kids and the moms stay active. If you don’t have a friend nearby, set goals and share ideas with friends on the phone or online.

Whatever you choose to do, get moving, make it fun, and watch the calories burn in no time!

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