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Sam's Club Launches Small Business Energy Efficiency Program in Phoenix, Ariz.
On the Heels of Earth Day, Sam’s Club Offers Small Business Members
New Energy-Saving Services

Phoenix, Ariz., April 24, 2007 – To help small businesses save money and become more energy-efficient, Sam’s Club has launched the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program pilot in Phoenix, Ariz. Through this program, members can save at least 30-40 percent on their electric bills by reducing energy consumption in their offices and buildings. In partnership with GE Lighting and Applied Energy Solutions, Sam’s Club will evaluate participating businesses and identify opportunities for improvement in their facilities. The business owners can then elect to purchase the recommended technologies - such as new lighting fixtures - to cut down on both expenses and greenhouse gas emissions.

“We have been improving the energy-efficiency of our Clubs and distribution centers nationwide for years,” said Jim Stanway, senior director of Global Energy Services for Wal-Mart. “We realized that there was a great opportunity to extend similar money-saving benefits to our members. The best part about the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program is that we are helping small businesses save money while protecting the environment.”

The first energy audit customer was Hughes Performance, a high-performance racing parts manufacturer in Phoenix and Tucson. Co-owner Jim Hughes expects to save as much as 40 percent, or $650, on his monthly electric bills. He said that once he realized how much he could save his business by making simple changes, the decision to participate was clear. During the audit, the Sam’s Club team identified three different kinds of overhead lighting, most of which were outdated, inefficient and produced excess heat. They recommended retrofitting the fixtures with highly efficient T-8 lighting and adding new installations to make the space brighter.

“When I arrived at work after the retrofit, I was amazed at how dull and dim the light had previously been,” said Hughes. “The program was great because as a small business owner you get so caught up in the daily activities of running a company that this kind of improvement doesn’t even cross your mind. I didn’t realize how much small efficiencies could add up and improve my bottom line. Now I expect to save about 40 percent on my electric bill each month, and as a small business owner, every bit helps.”

In addition to saving money and protecting the environment, Hughes has discovered unexpected benefits from participating in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. He learned that the new lights will produce even greater savings during hot summer months because unlike the old ones, they do not generate ambient heat. With such a warm dessert climate, the new lighting will significantly cut down on his air conditioning bills and make the work environment more comfortable for his employees.

“After the retrofit, my workers were coming up and thanking me for the changes we made,” Hughes added. “Employee morale got a boost because they realize that I value putting money back into the business. Plus, they can see better at their workstations and be more productive. It was the best thing we’ve done in years.”

The Small Business Energy Efficiency Program is being offered to Sam’s Club members in the Phoenix area April 23-28. Members can sign up at the Chandler Sam’s Club, located at 700 N. 54th Street.

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