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Value 101: Sam's Club® Introduces Collegiate Membership

Survey Finds Americans Note Back to College Priorities are Shifting

BENTONVILLE, ARK., July 21, 2007 – Sam’s Club is helping college students make their grades in finance and home economics with a membership warehouse club first by offering a collegiate membership.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Sam’s Club, 89 percent of Americans note a shift in back to college priorities given current economic conditions indicating concern about covering tuition costs and noting food and beverages as a big expense. To provide the ideal solution, Sam’s Club now offers an exclusive Membership for students seeking value and savings this school year and beyond.

With a valid college ID and collegiate email address, students can obtain a year-long, Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership for $40 and receive a $15 gift card to help offset the cost of their first purchase. Each Collegiate Membership comes with a complimentary add-on card so roommates or housemates can share with shopping duties and the savings.

“We’ve always had a great relationship with college administrators and many of our clubs serve college towns, this new college specific membership will help us answer the needs of both parents and students, as they return or go to campus for the first time, and to make the most of their budgets,” said Mike Turner, vice president of Membership at Sam’s Club.

College expenses are on the rise and 66 percent of Americans note tuition as the leading concern as a new collegiate school year begins. Sam’s Club offers the ideal solution for college Members as they combat high tuition costs with the essentials. Students can start the year off right with values that are sure to help them get the top grade in comfort, nutrition, organization, technology and entertainment.

  • Electronics: Find significant values on computers, printers, cell phones, mp3 players, gaming systems and flat screen televisions to outfit a dorm or college apartment.
  • Dorm Room Necessities: Personalize living spaces with bedding, mattresses, lighting and furniture offerings for every individual style.
  • Food and Cleaning Supplies: Sam’s Club offers a wide array of snacks and drinks for late night study sessions as well as fresh foods. Students can also stock cleaning supplies and storage units to stay clean and organized.
  • Appliances: Browse a broad array of small appliances including microwave ovens, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners and compact refrigerators.

85 percent of Americans agree that shopping at a one-stop shop or warehouse retailer for college students’ needs can significantly increase savings. Today also marks the availability of the free Sam’s Club Back to College Guidebook in all Sam’s Club locations and online at

In addition to the hottest dorm room and apartment trends, George Gray, host of the HGTV special What’s With That Crazy College Room, provides tips and commentary in the Guidebook to help parents and students achieve common ground on essentials. HGTV, a trusted source for decorating ideas partnered with Sam’s Club via George Gray for the Guidebook which also includes packing and shopping lists, as well as money management tips, for back to college.
*Survey Source: Russell Research for Sam’s Club.

Back To College Survey

  • 24 percent of college students make electronics a top priority while only 2% of parents shared this view.

Students and parents do see eye-to-eye on the need for a computer.

  • 58 percent of students see personal computing as a must and 48 percent of parents agree.

Beyond tuition and room and board:

  • 31 percent of parents and students agree that food and beverages are one of the biggest college expenses.

George Gray of HGTV offers these tips:

  • Get along. Set expectations with roommates early.
  • Visit teachers. Use set office hours to show initiative, which may help raise your grade.
  • Check dorm room regulations. Communal appliance guidelines or check with your roommates to divide a list of needed items.
  • Use a sleeping mask. This is a great way to block light if your roommate is up late studying.
  • Protect your investment in books. Create book and magazine holders out of cereal boxes.
  • Be smart about chores. Spray clothes with fabric refresher if there’s no time for laundry.

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