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Pumpkin Farmer and Sculptor Share Halloween Tips

Carve a Spooktacular Jack-o-Lantern with Sam’s Club

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays. At the center of it all is the jack-o-lantern, but growing that special great pumpkin takes more than a green thumb.

At Sam’s Club, buyers searched the United States and found the best pumpkin patches with the best pedigrees, and arranged for those farmers to harvest their crops exclusively for its members.

Pumpkins are picky and do not like to be harvested when there is moisture on them so Farmers have to wait until late morning for the dew to dry before they begin the harvest.

The top pumpkin production states are Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. Visit with Sam’s Club pumpkin grower Brian Campbell of Berwick Penn., to see his pumpkin patch during the harvest click here.

The pilgrims sliced off pumpkin tops; removed seeds and filled it with milk, spices and honey. This was the first pumpkin pie.

In order to select the best pumpkin for carving choose one with a smooth surface and a good strong stem. To make your Halloween pumpkin last, consider the following:

Keep cool, dry and out of the elements.

There are various things that can extend the life of the Jack-o-lantern--refrigeration, wrapping it in plastic, spraying it with a lemon juice-water solution or hairspray. There are also pumpkin preservatives.  

For more information on carving pumpkins check out this video demonstration with NYC sculptor G. Augustine Lynas.

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